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Welcome To The United_Family_Rights_Association_International_Chapter
The United_Family_Rights_Association- Nationwide as of June 21, 2008 has gone international.
The United_Family_Rights_Association_International Chapter will help all  Families across the globe with their fight against Child Protection Services.
We are asking our European Advocates to help families within their countries with the fight against The World Wide Monster known as Child Protection Services.
Families no matter where they are located and no matter what country they live in are being attacked and persecuted by Child Protection Services. Some countries are using The United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child as a tool to use against parents and parental rights.

Child ren will have the right to divorce their parents as in the movie with Drew Barrymore in Irreconcilable Differences.
There are some children that have already divorced their parents and the courts have erred on the side of the child.
Family Rights Advocates must be available to fight for the "true and natural" family to stay together rather than watch the family be desecrated by Child Protection Services.
The National Director
UFRA- Nationwide
UFR Party-Nationwide
Acting  Director for UFRA_International_Chapter



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To Our European Family Rights Advocates
If you know the laws of your  country regarding Child Protection Services and Child Welfare Services please email them to The National Director at United_Family_Rights_Association@hotmail.com
I can add them to our International Chapter's website so we can reach and help more families across the world with and in their fight against Child Protection Services.