United_Family_Rights_Association: Canada Chapters

United_Family_Rights_Association: Canada Chapters

The United Family Rights Association- Nationwide is proud to announce the newest  chapters of The UFRA Family. They are United_Family_Rights_Association_French_Canadian Chapter and United _Rights_Association_British_Canadian Chapter.
We realize that Canada is both ruled by England and France and we want to extend our family rights advocacy help to both of our Northern Neighbors.
We are looking for Family Rights Advocates in both English and French Run Canada to help families with their battle against CPS in both English and French Run Canada.
National Director

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The United_Family_Rights_Association_British_Canada_Chapter is open up to all British Canadians and their families that have been victimized by Child Protection Services within all The British Canadian Providences.

The United_Family_Rights_Association_British Canada Chapter recommends that you join The United_Family_Rights_Association_International_Chapter as well.

The National Director of The United Family Rights Association- Nationwide.

The United Family Rights Association-French_Canadian Chapter is open up to all French Canadians that live in The French Providences of French Canada and that have been victimized By
French Canadian Child Protection Services.

The French Canadian Chapter is open up to all families regardless of race, gender, or religion.

It is recommends that All French Canadians also join the United_Family_Rights_Association_International.
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